Take a Look and a Listen Inside Jay Leno’s Car Collection

Within the world of collector cars, there are impressive collections…and then there’s Jay Leno’s car collection. The late night talk show legend has amassed a huge quantity of historic wheeled wonders, which span every era and nearly every car-building community the world over.  From big-engine land speed racers to microscopic economy cars, lithe Italian sports cars to hearty American classics, and everything in between. It’s an assemblage that really knows no rival, and in the following video you can take a peek inside Jay Leno’s car collection, as well as hear from and better understand the man behind it. RELATED: Watch Jay Leno Take a 500 HP Barracuda for a Spin
RELATED: Jay Leno Gave a Dodge Challenger Hellcat to an Army Vet During the interview, Leno is asked what kind of car he would buy if he only had $2,000, who he’d want to speak with from the car culture history books, why he doesn’t dabble too much with classic Ferrari models…and some of his answers might surprise you. Leno also goes on to explain his love for how car building used to be regional, which helped develop the unique innovations and designs of certain marques and their respective countries–for example, the Czech Tatras. He also offers a pro tip for the budding concours quality car collector, “No matter what kind of shape a car is in when you get it, you still have to re-do it.” There are plenty of other gems in the interview as well. Did you know Jay Leno has dozens of jean shirts? Did you also know that Leno received a Lamborghini Miura for free? As in, one of around 760 of the hallowed Italians sports cars to ever exist…and at no cost to him. Take a watch above for that story and more from Jay Leno’s car collection. RELATED: Watch Jay Leno Do Burnouts in the 2015 Challenger Hellcat