Watch a Big Block Chevrolet Lawn Mower in Action

You can look at a lawn mower two ways. It can be a simple, utilitarian device that you take out grudgingly once a week to keep the lawn tidy, or it can be something more. It could, for example, be a monster with a big block V8 engine from a Chevrolet. These guys swapped out the stock engine in their old lawn mower for a big block Chevrolet engine, because why the heck not? The lawn mower hasn't otherwise been heavily modified to turn it into a speed machine, which makes it terrifying and perfect at the same time. RELATED: Watch The Stig Drive a 130 MPH Honda Lawn Mower
According to BangShift, the mower in question is an old Pennsylvania Panzer. It started out overbuilt, so it seems an oddly reasonable evolution to give it this ridiculous engine. The factory axle is a narrowed 8.75" Chrysler unit and the whole thing is rolling on nothing but small lugged tractor wheels. Those are rated for no where near as fast as this beast rolls. The engine has a Turbo 350 and even with its Frankenstein makeover, it seems like the fearless guy behind the wheel has no trouble keeping it under control. RELATED: Watch Honda Break a World Speed Record on a Lawn Mower ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide