The Lexus Hoverboard is Really Real, Apparently

Great Scott! Aside from providing plenty of annoying references for the past 25 years, the film Back to the Future II also gave us a glimpse of the future that everyone and their mother has been aching for: a hoverboard. Lexus says they’ve built one, though, there are some details missing from the equation. When the teaser video first came out a few months back, everyone was pretty skeptical, to say the least. The idea was that the board would use a combination of superconductors and magic magnets to levitate it and a rider off the ground (probably over a pre-approved magnetic surface). Now, according to the person testing this unique creation—pro skateboarder Ross McGouran—it’s actually really real. For real. RELATED: The Lexus LFA Isn't A Hoverboard, But It Does Fly
Aside from the fact that it’s something that’s “never been done before,” the new video doesn’t give us any more detail than the last. Hell, it doesn’t even show him riding it. But if the pro skateboarder riding it says it’s happening, guess we just have to take his word at the moment. RELATED: You Can Buy A Real-Life Hoverboard, Sort Of ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide