This Ferrari Enzo ZXX is Too Loud to Race

Many supercar owners across the globe have run into the same problem. If you upgrade and customize your car to the nth degree, it may become too loud to drive on public roads. The easy fix? Drive it solely on a race track.  This rare Ferrari doesn’t have that particular problem. Rather, it’s so loud that it can’t even drive around certain race courses. Meet the Edo Competition Ferrari Enzo ZXX. It’s a custom, one-off version of the hallowed Enzo supercar, which, when new, generated 660 horsepower out of the Ferrari factory gates. It now wields somewhere in the region of 840 horsepower, eclipsed only by the sheer volume of its exhaust, which it demonstrated earlier this year during a trip to the Spa-Francorchamps racing circuit in Belgium. Take a listen, but be warned—it’s loud. RELATED: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Selling His Ferrari Enzo for $3.8 Million
According to carcrushing, that raucous exhaust howl was just too much for the circuit’s noise limit restrictions (107 decibels for road cars), and after reverberating its eardrum-crushing 142 dB exhaust note through the Belgian hills for only three laps, the custom Ferrari Enzo was asked to leave the track. This certainly isn’t the first time the one-off Enzo ZXX has grabbed headlines. In 2011, the Ferrari crashed into the Atlantic Ocean during the Targa Newfoundland rally, though owner Zahir Rana didn’t let a little saltwater spoil his fun. Instead, he sent the car back to Germany’s Edo Competition for repairs and requested it be built into a street-legal version of its very non-street-legal sister, the Ferrari FXX track car. Mission accomplished. RELATED: See More Photos of this 1-of-1 Ferrari Enzo ZXX ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide