This Slow-Motion Bridge Demolition is Mesmerizing

Bridges: they’re what we like to call ‘useful.’ But when said bridge no longer becomes useful due to old age or just general wear and tear, it’s time for that sucker to come down, typically in place of something newer and shinier. That’s exactly what happened to a bridge in Marble Falls, Texas, just about two years ago. Add to the fact that someone was there to capture the whole thing on video—in super slow motion. The clip shows you from start to finish the bridge transforming from a usable structure into rubble. And it’s stunning to watch. The explosives ignite over the bridge like a wave, and curious onlookers are there to see it all go down. Watch for yourself and be amazed. RELATED: The 1966 Iso Grifo Bridged the Gap Between American Muscle and Italian Exotic
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