Nearly 80% of prospective buyers first browse the Internet before going into a dealership to buy a new vehicle.

Almost 80% of car shoppers spend a large part of their search online before heading out to a dealership in order to take a closer look and make a final decision. This fact is well known by the auto makers hence the large online marketing budgets, but Renault has taken it one step further with the first online and completely 3D showroom.

Renault Universe was launched last week and enables viewers to 360 degree views of the entire Renault range. Interested buyers can also check financing while the remaining sections cover special events, used cars and the actual, real-life dealer network. Of course all brochures can be downloaded to take off-line for your viewing pleasure.

The site is in French only for now but if you have even the slightest interest in the French marque it is definitely worth checking out.

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