Watch This Drill-Powered Walking Machine Strut its Stuff

There are almost endless uses for the conventional electric power drill. But “conventional” is one word that certainly can’t describe what woodworker Izzy Swan built using his 20 volt Dewalt.  He crafted together two wheels in the front, two legs in the back, a body shaped from wood, and the result is one seriously radical-looking walking machine, all powered courtesy of that electric drill. In the past, Swan has created ingenious drill-powered lawn mowers and even a tiny scooter, but this walking machine raises the complexity level to an all-new strata. Take a look at the walking machine in action. RELATED: Ever Wanted a Dolphin Shaped Submarine? Now There is One
RELATED: The Navy is Testing a Shark-like Swimming Robot Swan’s inspiration for the project comes from Dutch artist Theo Jansen and his similarly wild walking sculptures, known as Strandbeests, which can scuttle beaches using wind to power their mesmerizing legs. The mechanical limbs that Swan built are of a similar design, permitting both feet a seamless striding motion, but in this case the Dewalt drill motivates the walking machine, and it does so utilizing a homemade worm gear transmission. Admittedly, the jerky clop-clop motion wouldn’t appear to be the most comfortable ride in town, nor the fastest, though it’s simply amazing to watch in action. And according to Swan, it can shuffle around up to 370 pounds of weight–quite the achievement for a tiny, cordless drill. RELATED: Meet the Man Who Turns Car Parts into Animal Art _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide