Conan O'Brien Invades Comic Con via Fury Road

As many of you might already know, this year’s San Diego Comic Con is happening right now. The convention is a sort of pilgrimage that all geeks and nerds make each year to argue with one another about movies, listen to actors joke with one another, and generally have a great time. However, over the last decade, Comic Con has become less and less about the true hardcore nerd fandom, and has embraced the larger nerd culture, et al, which has taken hold in society.

This is made especially evident by late night talk show host Conan O’Brien heading to the famed Hall H to lead some of the panels. Rather than take a limo or black SUV, he went and made the best entrance to Comic Con. How? by going Mad Max–style.

Conan O'Brien Invades Comic Con via Fury Road

One of the biggest films this year was Mad Max Fury Road. When we saw it, the cinematography and all the practical effects blew us away. Given the fact that Mad Max was so huge, how could Conan and his crew not use the trip from LA to San Diego to parody Fury Road and drive the Doof Wagon? Now, you all might be thinking that since it is Conan, and he and his team aren’t professional stunt people, they would use a green screen to capture all the action. However, they stayed true to the movie’s live practical effects and stuck them all on top of the mighty truck with Conan playing the crazed flame-throwing guitarist. For real. Of course along the way, Conan and Andy get lost, which gives the bit a few laughs. Nevertheless, given that they aren’t stunt people, and are just late night comedians, this whole gag is fairly epic in its grandeur. We definitely applaud this use of automobile hilarity. 

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