Range Rover Has Created a Remote Controlled SUV

The idea of creating a full-size, V8-powered, remote control SUV may seem like a childhood fantasy to some. But for Jaguar/Land Rover, it’s just the latest high-tech project in development.  Last month, the company unveiled this remote controlled SUV prototype, a 5.0-liter supercharged Range Rover Sport. Quite a sizable ute, and one that wields a significant 510 horsepower of grunt. Though when tethered via Bluetooth to a special iPhone app, the large SUV’s steering, brakes, and throttle can all be controlled with relative ease…and from outside of the vehicle. This week, the crew at Fully Charged got the chance to take the remote control Range Rover for a spin. Take a look. RELATED: Jeep is Working on a Range Rover Competitor
Host Robert Llewellyn sits shotgun, next to an empty driver’s seat, as the Range Rover is piloted remotely across a simulation obstacle. While a bit unnerving to see the steering wheel spin freely on its own, the remote control app addresses a key issue for off-roaders, spotting. RELATED: See images of the 2 millionth Land Rover Defender When negotiating tough terrain, a “spotter” outside the vehicle is needed to monitor wheel position and upcoming obstacles. With this prototype and app, Ranger Rover can allow drivers to be their own spotters. Simply park the SUV, hop out, and maintain finger contact on the iPhone screen to navigate the vehicle. Top speed has been curtailed to a four mile per hour crawl. Land Rover previously demonstrated how the system could be used when drivers need to back out of a parking space after having been “parked in” on both sides by cars. However Llewellyn points out another potential real-world application, backing up to a trailer hitch. This prototype marks just the latest in a series of interesting technical developments from the Jaguar Land Rover workshops, which also include the videogame-esque “virtual windscreen,” as well as the firm’s techy transparent hood. RELATED: This is the 2 Millionth Land Rover Ever Built ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide