Watch This Shredder Devour Old Engines Like Dessert

What goes in, must come out. In this case…in very little pieces.  This stunning machine is a German-built Hammel 950 DK primary shredder. It swallows large unwieldy things and turns them into small crumbs of recyclable material, which can span the gamut from tree roots to industrial waste, tires, car bodies, and yes–even engines. Needless to say, it has earned itself a fearsome nickname in the world of recycling, the “Red Giant.” Watch as the Hammel 950 DK sharpens its teeth on a meal of engine blocks in the video below. RELATED: This Multi-Armed Octopus Tractor is Mesmerizing to Watch
Mesmerizing, isn’t it? If a bit brutal to watch. The intertwining shafts bobble the dying engines, ultimately smushing the metal between their hardened splines, which rotate at a top speed of 32 rpm. Crushing power comes courtesy of the Red Giant’s 710 horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine, which generates a jaw-dropping 440,000 newton-meters of torque. Below, a magnetic separator sorts out the refuse and carries the recyclable material away via conveyor belt…on its way to likely become another engine block or car body in the future. Amazingly enough, Hammel builds an even more powerful shredder to tackle the tallest of orders. That next level up–the Hammel 1500 DK–weighs a massive 60 tons, boasts dual Caterpillar diesel engines, 1,500 horsepower, and a simply incredible one million newton-meters of torque. No engine block is safe from its jaws. RELATED: Watch How General Motors Builds the New Corvette Engines via Sploid ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide