Adam Carolla’s Beautiful 1966 Ferrari Heads to Auction

How do you follow up a smash hit? In music terms, it’s a case of the dreaded "second album." But that’s a circumstance which engineers at Ferrari undoubtedly faced in 1963 as they sent the rockstar 250 series into the sunset and followed it up with the 330.  Five decades later, it’s safe to say they did quite the job, and this gorgeous 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 is living proof. This Ferrari–one of the later Series II versions–was once owned by comedian Adam Carolla and even featured in its own episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. It will cross the auction block at Russo and Steele’s Monterey, California event in August. RELATED: See More of the Stunning Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Series II
Adam Carolla’s Beautiful 1966 Ferrari Heads to Auction
Part of the 330 series’ success may come from its not-so-humble beginnings. In fact, the original Ferrari 330 America was effectively a 250 GTE, now fitted with the automaker's 4.0-liter Colombo V12 engine. 1964 brought the arrival of the sleek, newly styled 330 GT 2+2, which spanned two series and featured a switch from quad- to dual-headlights as its most notable visual change between the two. Underneath the long bonnet of the 330 GT 2+2 is that 4.0-liter V12, a slightly longer version than in previous Ferrari applications. The engine breathes through triple Weber carburetors and produces 300 horsepower, as well as the classic Ferrari exhaust note. Inside, the Ferrari dresses in utterly sumptuous red leather upholstery and being a Series II, comes equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox. Interestingly, this car wears Borrani wire wheels, which were an option at the time. RELATED: The Quad-Headlight Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Series I Still Looks Epic
It’s certainly a memorable design, and its appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage was equally memorable. The pair of car guys take a spin around Los Angeles in the Ferrari, during which Adam Carolla learns two things in hilarious fashion–always check the fuel tank and always carry some extra speedometer cable lube... RELATED: This 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 Racecar is Absolutely Stunning


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