Dodge Increasing Hellcat Production...Again

The Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcats remain some of the most talked about cars of the last few years. Last year, we actually named the Hellcat Charger our Bold Ride of the Year. They've won a slew of other awards, and just about everyone that’s ever come into contact with them has left with an experience of a lifetime. They are absolutely absurd cars, but even then, Dodge has to increase production...again. According to Dodge and SRT head Tim Kuniskis, there’s a new “huge flood” of orders for both the Challenger and Charger Hellcats. This marks the second time that Dodge has had to increase the Hellcat production. So far, Dodge has sold over 4,000 units of the Hellcat twins. That’s double of the company’s initial estimate. Speaking to Automotive News, Kuniskis stated, “We’re going to build more for 2016. We stopped taking all Hellcat orders months ago so that we could catch up to that demand, and then we will launch the 2016’s.” RELATED: The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a Giggle Inducing Sociopath That’s right, you can’t even buy a new 2015 Hellcat at the moment. Dodge is so backed up that they’ve cut ordering from the dealers. Honestly though, we’re just as surprised as Dodge that so many people are buying the Hellcats. 707 horsepower and RWD tend to be a bit intimidating to the average consumer. That combined with the $63,000 price tag not counting the dealership markups (that we all know is happening) and you don’t exactly have the recipe for a mass market car. Yet somehow, it’s become one. This pent up demand for the Hellcat, though, should bring a smile to everyone's face. Because in a few years, once the newest flavor-of-the-month comes out, Hellcats will be on the used car market for hopefully around ten to fifteen grand cheaper, putting it well within a foreseeable price range. Thank you Dodge. RELATED:  Jeep possibly building a Hellcat Grand Cherokee? _____________________________________

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