By Summer 2016 You Could Be Flying with a Jetpack

Sometimes in life you have to make tough decisions. Keep a roof over your head or buy a jetpack? Start packing honey, because we’re selling the house and buying a jetpack. By this time next year, New Zealand manufacturer Martin Aircraft Company is claiming you’ll be able to buy a jetpack. Just be prepared to write a check for $150,000. RELATED: See Two Jetpacks Fly High Above Dubai
By Summer 2016 You Could Be Flying with a Jetpack
According to, “While the Martin prototype is heavily geared to major first-responder and governmental uses, the announcement made one thing clear—they definitely have a commercial version in the works too.” Damn, looks like the military and cops are going to get first crack but I’m willing to wait. Martin Aircraft says as currently designed the Martin jetpack uses a 200 horsepower V4 gas engine. It drives two ducted fans for up to 30 minutes of flight time, according to the report. The pack's body is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. One thought is the jetpack eventually would be used for commuting from building to building via the rooftops. Only the poor will need to walk on the streets below. RELATED: See the Flying Volocopter
The video above, from The Lip TV, shows a prototype Martin jetpack in action. The report says it can reach heights of a mile up in the air and hit speeds up to 50 mph. Language can be NSFW as the hosts delve off into the weird question, “Where do you park it when you go to the movies?” _____________________________________

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