Please Alfa Romeo, Build This Gorgeous Giulia Spyder

Personally, when Alfa Romeo released the images of the new Giulia QV, I wasn’t blown away by the design. It seemed the designers took a Jaguar front end, the rear bumper from the new Mercedes C63, and squished the whole thing together as if it were Play-Doh. The car just did nothing for me. Of course, once I heard the noises it made from its Ferrari-tuned twin-turbo V6, I warmed up to the car. However, the look just seemed rather uninspiring. That all changed when X-Tomi released this Giulia cabriolet rendering. Taking the top off of anything usually is a good start to making it look better, and this rendering accomplishes that. This Giulia Spyder rendering essentially copies the same lines and reference points that the BMW M4 convertible has, but does so with a distinctly Italian flair for the dramatic. RELATED: See more pictures of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia here The body of course has been shortened, and gone are the rear two seats, so in total the Giulia Spyder looks more in kin with the Alfa Romeo 4C or the new Miata than the car it is based off of. Actually, it looks so similar to the new Miata, that I would be cautiously positive that this is a very close rendering of what the new Fiat 124 Spyder will look like. And if that’s the case, sign me up now. While Alfa has released some information about the new Guilia, we still don’t have a price tag, or other engine options for the new sportscar. Additionally, given the fact that both Mercedes and BMW have convertible versions of their performance coupes, it wouldn’t be all that much of a stretch to believe that sooner or later Alfa Romeo would actually bring a convertible version to market. RELATED: Click here for pictures of the new ND Mazda Miata


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