Watch Motorcycle Racer Niklas Ajo Cross the Finish Line in Spectacular Fashion

If there wasn’t an ongoing list for “best save of the year,” there is now.  20-year-old Finnish motorcycle racer Niklas Ajo has made highlight reel fame after the spectacular save he made during Saturday’s Motul TT Assen Moto3 race in The Netherlands. Ajo was battling the pack in eighth position, coming into the final chicane of the race, when he lost control of the bike and nearly flew off completely. Luckily and amazingly, Ajo held onto the handlebars of his KTM and wrestled the motorcycle into submission, despite veering off-track and dangerously close to the wall. Ajo kept the throttle pressed and would go on to slide across the grass and the finish line on his knees and toes. Take a look. RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the Stunning 2015 MotoGP Safety Car
Eighth place would have earned Niklas Ajo his best finish of the year, though due to the last-turn tank-slapper, he had to settle for 17th, but with an outstanding performance like that, it’s not hard to imagine he’ll be on the leaderboards once again. RBA Racing Moto3 teammates Ana Carrasco and Gabriel Rodrigo finished behind Niklas Ajo in 23rd and 25th positions, respectively. RELATED: Check Out the All-Electric Bultaco Rapitan Superbike ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide