Aston Martin Unleashed the 800HP Vulcan On Goodwood

In ancient Roman theology, Vulcan is the god of fire and brimstone, literally. He’s the god that controls volcanoes, and uses the liquid magma from said volcanoes as a forge to build weapons among other things. And it’s the perfect name for Aston Martin’s new one-off track-only supercar, which uses a 7.0-liter naturally-aspirated V12 that makes more than 800 horsepower. Using a modified carbon tub from the ultra-exclusive Aston Martin One-77, the Vulcan weighs considerably less than the car that gives it its chassis. Aston really dove deep into its motorsport heritage to build this car. Now, we showed you the Vulcan when it debuted a few months ago, and like then, we’re still gob smacked by the raw intensity that this car exudes. But better than that, we now know what it sounds like at full tilt. RELATED: See More of the 800-Horsepower Aston Martin Vulcan
Taken just before this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Aston Martin decided to give us a small sample of what was to be expected from the Vulcan’s 800+ horsepower decimation engine (patent pending). And honestly, we can really only come up with this one thought, “Holy sweet mother of Zeus!” All, 24 Vulcan’s have already been sold, so the Goodwood Festival of Speed is possibly your best chance to see one in the flesh and under hard acceleration. So I’d get to England ASAP. RELATED: Check out the Stunning Aston Martin One-77 _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide