Blake Griffin's Uber Driver Offered Him Something Uber-Weird

See, guys, Blake Griffin is just like us. He eats food just like us, he wears pants just like us, and apparently he takes Uber just like us. His driver, however, might have been a little bit different than your typical Uber chauffeur. Things started to get a little weird once Griffin was tucked into the back seat ready to go. While they were driving along, the driver took a sandwich out of the glove box. Weirdness level is at about a four. Then he put it on the dashboard to heat it up a little bit. Weirdness level ticks up to maybe a six. Then, once the sammy was nice and toasty like Quiznos, he offered Griffin some of the the food. That rounds it out at about a weirdness level of ... ehhh, we'll say eight, because at least he was nice enough to offer. So what'd Griffin think of this? RELATED: Lucky Few Use Uber and Get Picked Up in a McLaren 650S There you go, drivers. Globe box sandwiches are the secret to five stars. If you were wondering, yes, it did give the ride a distinct smell. It was toasted after all.  Then Uber tweeted a pretty solid response: And everybody lived happily ever after. RELATED: Blake Griffin Has a Matte Polaris Slingshot Waiting After the NBA Playoffs ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide