Burning Man Art Cars are Big Business for one New York Resident

Each year, thousands of people migrate to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for the annual Burning Man festival – a week-long celebration of art and expression. There’s plenty of body paint and elaborate costumes on hand, and for the automotive devotee – some amazingly unique custom art cars, known as "mutant vehicles." These parade floats to the extreme can feature pyrotechnics and massive sound systems to complement their radical designs. For New York City custom car builder, Yarrow Mazzetti, they’ve become a big business. RELATED: This 500HP BMW M3 Art Car Looks Stunning and Goes Racing
RELATED: Police in Germany Gave a Parking Ticket to a Mercedes Art Exhibit Each year, Mazzetti builds a number of these art cars on behalf of clients for festivals like Burning Man. The contraptions are barely recognizable from the cars they once were, which range from golf carts, vans and even a military-style Hummer. Mazzetti reckons he’s built around 25 in total, which include his 15 famous Lady Buggies, built from electric E-Z-GO golf carts and dressed with an LED lit ladybug design. The cost for one of Mazzetti’s custom Burning Man mutant vehicles starts at around $100,000 though prices can go well north from there. Bigger builds cost in the region of $200,000. In recent years, Mazzetti has turned his Burning Man art car passion into a full-time business, along with continued furniture and commercial space design. Spotting him in New York City shouldn’t be hard either. Mazzetti drives a wicked custom-skinned Lincoln limousine. RELATED: This Ferrari FF Art Car is a Gorgeous 200MPH Canvas ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide