Lexus Might Have Just Built a Working Hoverboard

You would think by now that technology has advanced far enough for us to all be riding around on hoverboards. At least, that’s what Back to the Future led us to believe. But lo and behold— no hoverboards. It’s disappointing, really. Lexus, though, wants to change all that, and give us the personal hoverboard we’ve all been dreaming of. In a quick new teaser, Lexus promises that they have built a real, working, moving hoverboard. Finally. RELATED: The Lexus Minority Report Sports Car is Definitely From the Future
It works using superconductors and magnets to support the weight of the board. That fog you see coming from the sides is liquid nitrogen used to cool the superconductors. It was developed in just 18 months by German and British scientists and is being tested in Barcelona, Spain. So far they’re keeping the whole project pretty hush hush. We’ll see more of this working (possibly?) hoverboard in the near future. And if it’s all just some clever marketing ploy by Lexus, they’ll have the crushed sci-fi dreams of millions on their hands. RELATED: See Photos of the Lexus LFA Supercar ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide