Watch This Ferrari F12 Prove Why It’s a Drag Race Top Dog

When it comes to the latest generation of cars, newer usually means faster. It’s a notion that spans the new vehicle gamut, though you’ll never see that performance difference play out quite as visually as you will in a high-end sports car. In this case, that would be Ferrari.  A pair of father and son Ferrari grand tourers – a Ferrari 599 GTO and its F12berlinetta successor – approached the line at the recent Unlim 500+ drag racing event in Russia. Both sport large, powerful V12 engines but not surprisingly it was the younger of the two that demonstrated its dominant evolutionary performance gains. Take a look. RELATED: This Ferrari F12 TRS is Rumored to Have Cost $4.2 Million
RELATED: Watch $2.7 Million Worth of Ferrari FXXK Hypercars Roar on Track On this run, it was the dash between 40 and 60 miles per hour that cemented the Ferrari F12’s win. The seven-speed dual clutch transmission in the F12berlinetta jumped on the power faster than the single-clutch unit in the 599 GTO, and the two Ferrari GT cars would maintain a similar gap through the entirety of the one kilometer run. The Ferrari 599 GTB finished with a time of 21.8 seconds at 161 mph, and a quarter mile pass of 12.7 seconds at 124 mph. The searing F12 recorded a 20.8-second kilometer run at 165 mph, with the quarter mile taking just 11.9 seconds at 129 mph. Other competitors included a slew of Nissan GT-Rs, as well as an odd Jeep Grand Cherokee and Porsche 911 Turbo S matchup. A 2014 GT-R recorded the top overall kilometer time with an eye-watering 15.5-second run at 220 mph. RELATED: This Swedish-Tuned 2015 Ferrari is a Street-Legal Race Car ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide