You Can Pull This Teeny Camping Trailer With a Bicycle

Ever wish you could hit the open road, ditch the car keys for a weekend, and motor on with the power of your own steam? You aren’t alone, and thanks to a new camping trailer design from Wide Path Camper, your pedal-powered weekend just got a lot longer.  The Denmark-based company recently designed this amazingly compact camping trailer, which can hook right up to the back of a bicycle and will go as far your legs can will it. Considering it weighs less than 100 pounds, your legs may take it quite far indeed. The Wide Path Camper folds on itself for transport, up to a tightly packed 3.2 by 4.3 feet and can unfold to its camping size of 3.2 by 8.5 feet in three minutes time. RELATED: This All-New Camping Trailer Doubles as an Actual Boat
RELATED: No Way! Somebody Went Camping in a Ferrari F40 Supercar When fully set up, the mini RV features an interior lounge area with a table and seating for four. As the night draws on, the table can fold down and the seats fold flat to form a two-person bed with storage space underneath. An additional table is available for the exterior, as are a number of other packages which include a solar cell, camping chairs and a lightweight cooking stove. Pricing starts at around €3500 ($3,900), which isn’t exactly cheap, but it does offer the long-haul cyclist a comfy abode close at hand. RELATED: This Amazing Trailer Has Modern Function with Vintage Looks ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide