'Top Gear' Might Have More Motorcycles Going Forward

While many of us will bemoan the end of Top Gear as we have come to know and love it, the truth is, we will somehow, someway, get Top Gear back. Whether it’s through the rumored Netflix or ITV deals, or something none of us have ever heard of. The trio of Hammond, Clarkson and May, will be back on your TV and internet screens— and likely soon. But until that day comes, the BBC is moving forward with recasting the trio with new faces. Chief among them is Chris Evans, who, for the time being, has been the only new presenter named. Throughout the years, Jeremy Clarkson has been infamous in the motorcycle world for his disdain for the practice. But Chris Evans isn’t Clarkson, and according to one of his latest tweets, Top Gear is going to get a lot more motorcycle action coming soon: RELATED: See Photos of the Iconic Indian Scout Motorcycle According to the Tweet Evans sent out, “There will be more motorbikes on the new Top Gear. Do you think we should go to The TT?" (Which is in reference to the Isle of Man TT). While there hasn’t been any confirmation from the BBC on what the new Top Gear will look like, or really anything besides casting Evans, hopefully Evans keeps the idea of motorcycles being added to the show a bit more routinely. But what do you all think, would you like to see more motorcycles reviewed and used on Top Gear? Are you even going to watch the show at all? RELATED: The BBC is Holding Open Auditions for Top Gear ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide