Watch How Much Fuel One Cylinder of a Top Fuel Dragster Uses

Top Fuel dragsters are some of the most incredible machines on the planet. They put out around 7,000-8,000 horsepower, can get into the 325 mph range, and it reportedly takes 900 horsepower just to spin the supercharger on the V8 engines alone. That kind of output requires a boatload of fuel. This is an old video, but it's still absolutely insane display of  just how much fuel a SINGLE cylinder pumps through first at idle and then at full throttle. It's like somebody unplugged a dam. Just for for a few seconds, though. According to Motor Trend, these cars pump out about 77 gallons per minute, and a typical run uses about 22 gallons. RELATED: Watch a Dragster Go Airborne at 280 MPH
The fuel that these monsters run through isn't your typical gasoline. It's almost entirely made out of nitromethane, which can still efficiently run with much, much less air. So next time you get 20 mpg instead of 25 because you were driving around town a little harder than usual, don't sweat it. It could be a lot worse. RELATED: This Jet-Powered Dragster is Mind-Blowingly Fast ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide