Watch The World's Fastest Street-Legal Toyota GT86 Blitz the Quarter Mile

The FR-S/BRZ/GT86 is essentially the new Nissan 240SX. It’s a great car by itself, especially in the handling department, though many say it needs a boost in power. And because of that lack of outright speed, people have been using the great chassis as the basis for massive builds. LS motors, Coyote motors, TRD NASCAR motors, and even an LFA V10 into the compact sportscar. But no engine swap has been more prolific than the heralded 2JZ. You, of course, will know that professional drifter Ryan Tuerck did this exact swap into his daily and his Formula D car, but others have been swapping in the 2JZ for slightly faster endeavors. Endeavors like drag racing. Meet the 2JZ powered GT86 from Ekanoo racing in the Emirates. RELATED: Watch Ekanoo Racing’s Supra Hit 215mph
Essentially what Ekanoo did was take the drivetrain out of their Supra drag car, swap it into a GT86 body and chassis, and take a trip down to their local drag strip, where they proceeded to smoke the competition with an amazingly fast 9-second quarter mile. Trapping in at 158mph. These speeds mean that this GT86 is the world’s fastest street legal GT86 on the planet. Maybe for the mid-cycle refresh, Toyota should consider reproducing the 2JZ and swapping it into the engine bay of all the GT86 variants. That would definitely solve the horsepower problem. RELATED: Will the Struggling Sales of the BRZ/FR-S kill the sportscar? ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide