Watch a LaFerrari Owner Drive It Like He Stole it on Public Roads

The Ferrari LaFerrari is a car meant to be driven hard. A very select 499 people were fortunate enough to buy one, and it's been plenty of time for the drivers to really get comfortable with its power. So far, we've seen people use the 950 total horsepower from the hybrid KERS system properly on the track, and improperly off of it. This video shows somebody doing a little bit of both. Putting the 516 lb-ft of torque to use, the person behind the wheel of this black LaFerrari was seen running through the six with his woes streets of Italy when he whipped out the tail on a road that had a ton of people and a ton of cars present. We're glad somebody is actually in control of the machine instead seeing yet another YouTube video of a $1.5 million "oops." RELATED: This Ferrari LaFerrari Drove Straight Into a Ditch
The car apparently belongs to YouTuber "Powerslide Lover," and he's taken the car out on the track multiple times in various conditions. That explains how he's been able to learn the limits. RELATED: Oops: Watch a Bugatti L’Or Blanc Back Into a LaFerrari ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide