The 707-horsepower wagon you never knew you wanted.

It seems like every day, at least one of us are talking about how wagons need to make a comeback. Wagons are the only way to have practicality and good looks, IMO. But when it comes to actually forking over our own hard earned pittance of a salary— consumers typically go for SUVs and crossovers.

But even in the face of inextricable odds that we will never convert a single one of you, we continue to campaign for more wagons. Hopefully, this next car will make you a believer. This is – wait for it – a Dodge Challenger Hellcat wagon.

Last night, while scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet sent out by President and CEO of SRT, and SVP of Design for Chrysler, Ralph Gilles. For those that already follow Mr. Gilles, you’ve come to understand that the man has gasoline for blood, and would slap a supercharger on his legs if he could make himself faster. In other words, a true automotive enthusiast. His tweet was short and simple, in reference to the rendering you see here by

After countless tweets back at Mr. Gilles declaring their love for the rendering and again, shouting “shut up and take our money”, he replied again, with something a bit more promising:

We, of course, want this to happen, even though we don’t exactly have the income to afford such a beast of a car. But think about it— a Hellcat wagon? Question is, would you ever buy one?


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Photo: Paul Dolan, Evan Sears /