Bad News For Entry-Level BMW Roadster Fans

Here’s an attractive formula. BMW looks, BMW engines, BMW sports car performance – priced to compete at a notch above the popular Mazda MX-5. Would you buy such a car? We’d imagine so, but according to a new report, that eagerly awaited Bimmer may not reach dealerships at all.  The UK’s CAR magazine suggests that this baby roadster – referred to as the Z2 – has instead been axed from development by BMW management as a nonessential model, due to an inert sports car market and large growth in crossover vehicle sales. It had previously been pegged to arrive for the 2016 model year. RELATED: Next BMW Z4 Expected to Share Chassis with Toyota Supra For fans looking to get into a sporty BMW at a bargain level, that likely won’t come as uplifting news. Reports penned the Z2 roadster to fall in line stylistically with its bigger-brother Z4 (pictured top), sporting two seats, a retractable top, and a potent three- or four-cylinder engine. All this, riding atop the front-wheel drive architecture shared by the new Mini Cooper hatchback and BMW 2-series Active Tourer, and priced to sell at around $30,000… a significant cut underneath the $49,000 Z4. Interestingly however, the spirit of the Z2 may live on in the form of the Mini Superleggera roadster (pictured above), which was reported to have been given the development nod earlier this year and would likely compete against the uber-popular Mazda with a much closer price point. RELATED: Check out this Sinister 2015 BMW M4 Race Car ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide