You wouldn’t compare the Dodge M4S to a Bond car, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

Sometimes the coolest cars are the ones that never actually existed in the real world. Though we've had some previous thoughts on the Dodge M4S - I would like to politely disagree. The Turbo Interceptor, as it's known from its star role in the movie The Wraith, was actually pretty cool. And now one of the prop cars is for sale on Craigslist (update: the listing has been since removed).

The M4S was a prototype created by Dodge in the early '80s that gained notoriety for its appearance alongside Charlie Sheen, and as a pace car for IndyCar. Although the original model is currently sitting in the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, there were four other dummies and replicas created for movie filming. This model, which is listed at $150,000, has been restored and holds a supercharged Pontiac V6. It originally had a 2.2-liter inline four-cylinder with two turbochargers that reportedly helped it produce somewhere near 440 horsepower.

According to the listing, general day-to-day driving is not recommended, as the shell is directly on the frame.

Source: Supercompressor

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