The Sealander is Part Boat, Part Camper, All Amazing

Ever had one of those “I wish I thought of that” moments? Well, prepare to have another. This incredible craft is called the Sealander. It’s built in Kiel, Germany, and it’s the answer to a question many weekend adventurers have asked over the years. “Should we buy a boat or a camper?” Here's a new option. “Neither.” That’s because the Sealander combines the seaworthiness of a boat with the roadworthiness of a camping trailer in one package. Feel the need to escape to the campsite for the weekend? Simply tow the Sealander along behind your car and set it up once you arrive. Thinking of hitting the waves? That’s where things get interesting. RELATED: See More Photos of the Sealander Amphibious Trailer
RELATED: Russia Used This Weird Jetboat to Rescue Astronauts in the '60s The Sealander features an outboard electric engine. According to the company, it can shuttle the craft around at speeds of 5.5 mph with enough battery charge to last for a weekend on the move. To start, just pop the camper’s top, raise the railing into position, bolt on the engine, and you’re ready to go. Weighing just 1,069 pounds unladen, the flat-bottomed Sealander is light enough to ease off into the water from shore or by using a boat launch. The standard 2015 Sealander retails for €15,117 (around $17,100 at today’s rates) and comes with the basic furnishings and gear to get you out, about and floating, though there are a number of additional options and extras worth spec-ing up. These include added lighting and electrical outlets, living comforts and cushions, an audio system, cooking station, toilet and shower. It’s not the go-to for the wakeboarding enthusiast or the seven-person family, but as a cost-cutter for the small family wishing to experience all of nature… it looks pretty convincing. RELATED: Check Out the Boat That Can Walk Right Up Onto Shore ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide