Few cars are truly timeless designs. It only takes a brief glance to know that the lauded Ferrari Enzo supercar is one.

Between 2002 and 2004 a scant 400 Enzo road cars were constructed, making it a very rare stallion indeed... and highly collectable. 

This Enzo is a bit more uncommon than the rest, however. It was photographed at a recent event by reddit user l0_0I, and it’s claimed to be the only Ferrari Enzo in the world to sport bare, unpainted carbon fiber bodywork. It’s an eye-catching design for sure, with an interesting back story.

This is the World’s Only Bare Carbon Ferrari Enzo

According to the reddit poster, the Enzo didn’t roll off the production line at Maranello in this naked form, and it isn’t the result of paint stripping, sanding, vinyl wrapping or media blasting a standard Enzo body. Rather, the car was rebodied with bespoke carbon fiber panels at Carrozzeria Zanasi, a company that works closely with Ferrari on body, paint and repair. Though it retains its membership in that hallowed 400 vehicle production run, this car’s bespoke body makes it a true one-off creation. Judging by the number of passersby who came to photograph the car, it’s quite a popular one-off at that. RELATED: Only Six People Will Own One of These 2015 Ferrari Sergios

This is the World’s Only Bare Carbon Ferrari Enzo

Albeit unrelated to this car, the Ferrari Enzo is proving to be a popular model this week. RM Auctions recently announced they will auction off the last production Enzo ever built – a car which was originally gifted to Pope John Paul II.