Ford GT Le Mans Racecar Likely to Debut This Friday

In what has to be the worst kept secret in the automotive industry, there's some news on what is most likely the debut of the 2017 Ford GT race car. After shocking the entire world with the debut of the new Ford GT in January, Ford hasn’t been able to really keep the same level of discretion on the race version. Thankfully, we most likely don’t have to suffer any longer— because Ford has a "major Ford Performance news announcement" set for this Friday, June 12. While Ford’s statements don’t go any further than that, the debut and announcement is highly touted as being the debut of an all-new race car for next year’s Le Mans. Ford chairman Bill Ford, CEO Mark Fields, and Group VP of Global Product Development Raj Nair will be joined “by special guests” to launch and talk about “a mystery project.” RELATED: See More Photos of the 2016 Ford GT   The Ford GT race car launch is highly likely for several factors. First, Bill Ford will be heading to Le Mans to drop the green flag for the historic race. What better way to launch your company’s newest race car than the week of Le Mans where it will challenge for victory next year? It’s also likely due to the sheer heavy hitters that will be on stage for this “announcement.” You don’t get the likes of Ford, Fields, and Nair at a press conference without debuting something absolutely ridiculous. While it could also be the launch of a new AC Cobra that’s been in the rumor mill for the last few months — which would definitely be something — it’s most likely Ford’s new race car. The event will be live streamed starting at 9 am EST, and will take place in Cologne, Germany. Stay tuned, we’ll give you all the details as they come in. RELATED: Let's Hope the Ford GT Race Car Looks This Good ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide