Sinkholes Are Swallowing Up Cars in Colorado and Ohio

Every single day, hundreds of millions of people get into their cars and drive. It's an integral part of nearly everybody's lives, and still, it's one of the most dangerous things a person can do. Careless driving, texting and driving, drinking and driving, weather ... it all makes the road a highly risk place to be. And that's not even mentioning the actual physical condition of the ground itself. That's where one of the freakiest and most surprising driving dangers comes in: sinkholes.

Just in the past week, two more stories of sinkholes have hit the headlines in Cleveland and just outside of Denver. The photo above is from Colorado, where a the ground crumbled below  Sheridan Police Sergeant Greg Miller's SUV in the middle of the night this past Friday. The vehicle dropped 10-15 below the ground, and Miller found himself staring at a wall of dirt. 


"I'd rather it be me than somebody - a citizen - driving down the road or kids in the car," Sgt. Miller said. "Or, you've got two vehicles, and the other vehicle is on top of the other vehicle, and you've got even more injuries ... you've got people trapped. I mean, I'm glad it was me than anybody else." There were no injures at the Colorado site and in a stroke of luck, there were none at the site of the Ohio sinkhole either. That sinkhole might have been much less severe, but it affected a mother driving with her children. After a water main break, there was significant water covering the street, and Dikisha Taylor's van took a nosedive into a deep gap. Again, there was damage to the vehicle, but everybody in the van came out safe.