The Ripsaw EV2 is the Luxury Tank of Your Dreams/Nightmares

The consumer niche for fast-attack, tracked luxury vehicles likely isn’t a large one. Nevertheless, if it were, you can bet this would be the preeminent top dog. And for good reason. Meet the Ripsaw EV2 – part military vehicle, part luxury off-roader, all around mudslinging terror. If it looks familiar, that’s because it recently sprinted around an icy lake like a bat out of hell, and now its creators – brothers Mike and Geoff of Howe & Howe Technologies – are looking to kickstart limited production of this super-luxe machine for the general public. Given all it can do, there might be quite a few hand-raisers looking to become new tank owners. RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank
Howe & Howe originally designed the Ripsaw EV2 for the US military for service as a high-speed tracked vehicle. In fact, the firm states that the base ‘Ripsaw’ platform that underpins the EV2 makes it the fastest tracked vehicle ever developed. Since its military beginnings, the gravel-flinging tank now sports 12 inches of suspension travel, a luxury interior, and a 600 horsepower diesel engine. It isn’t what you’d call cheap, however. Howe & Howe will specially fabricate you one of their luxury tanks, but the build process takes six months and as they put it, “can cost well into the 100s of thousands” of dollars, depending on how luxurious or capable you wish it to be. RELATED: Learn More About the History of the M1 Abrams Tank ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide