Got $1 Million to Spend? This Limousine Monster Truck Might Be For You

It’s hard to top a limousine arrival in terms of ‘wow factor’, but turn up in a gigantic monster truck and you’re likely to steal the show… or if nothing else, squash it. This massive brute combines those two jaw-dropping entrances into one impressive statement, and if you’ve got $1 million to spend – it could be yours.  Meet the Sin City Hustler, built by Arizona custom shop Big Toyz Racing (BTR) over the course of 15 long months. BTR initiated the project with nothing but a Ford Excursion. What they’ve ended with is a 32 foot long, 12 foot high, hulk of a limousine, which can swallow 12 passengers whole and take them on an off-road ride they won’t likely forget. Where do we sign up? As if that weren’t noteworthy enough on its own, BTR reckons their creation’s measurements make it the longest monster truck in the world. Take a look at the beast in action. RELATED: Someone Turned This Chevy School Bus into a Mean Monster Truck
Despite its massive size and weight (15,000 pounds), it’s not what you’d call a slouch. The monster truck pulls a heady 750 horsepower from a 521ci Ford big block engine, which it sends to oversized Rockwell axles in order to turn the truly gargantuan 66-inch Firestone tires. It’s also one limousine that doesn’t mind getting dirty. The modified Excursion rides atop eight 26-inch nitrogen shocks, good for smoothing out a boulder or two, and also features four-wheel steering. So what does one do with a 32-foot long monster truck limousine? Perhaps the better question is, “what won’t you do?” RELATED: Check Out Elvis Presley's Own 1960 Lincoln Continental Limo Via: Motortrend ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide