Yes, It’s Real! Meet the Incredible Driving Boat

For most people, cars live on the road and boats live in the water. But Atlanta native Mark Ray isn’t most people… and he’s got the car-boat hybrid to prove it.  Meet the boat car – the end result of a challenge between Mark Ray and his wife, Robyn. A few years ago, Robyn was diagnosed with cancer and in a bid to ease her husband’s mind, she issued him a challenge to keep him busy. “Build a boat car in under a year.” Suffice it to say, he achieved that goal in stunning fashion. Ray picked up a sunken-and-recovered Sea Ray Bowrider for free, which was destined for the crusher, and proceeded to strip it of its engine and interior. He then purchased a GMC Jimmy SUV, removed the body, and grafted the boat right on top of it. Ta da. RELATED: This Amphibious Jeep Can Sprint to 40 MPH on Water
The custom-built boat car draws power from the GMC’s standard 4.3-liter V6. Mark admits it isn’t the fastest, but does adequately propel the vessel around town and on trips to school for his kids. Imagine the get-up-and-go he’d have if he used a 285 horsepower GMC Typhoon as a base vehicle. Anyway you look at it, it’s certainly a unique car, and quite the bargain when you consider it only cost $10,000 to build. RELATED: This GMC Motorhome is Going for the Top Speed World Record ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide