Samsung Galaxy S6 Takes On a Tesla — And the Results Are Impressive

Whether a manufacturer of cell phones or automobiles, companies spend countless hours and big budgets on torture testing their products. For some reason, this exact test probably wasn’t part of the torture regimen.  Tanner Marsh of iCrackUriDevice received a new Samsung Galaxy S6 to test for durability, and after dropping it from a height of nine feet, the Samsung escaped rather unscathed and fully functioning. Rather than incrementally moving up the durability test scale, Marsh opted instead for a grand finale of sorts – can the Samsung survive the weight of a Tesla Model S? As it turns out, yes. RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the No-Nonsense Tesla Model S P85D
Marsh advances the 4,647 pound electric car over the smartphone only to find that its screen still functions after the impact, albeit with multiple glass fissures on its back. This comes as good news if you’ve ever lost your phone getting into and out of the car. But as you might expect, the Galaxy S6 isn’t invincible. A few more passes from the Tesla broke the Samsung’s front screen and rendered the rear a complete mess, though the smartphone would appear to still be functioning without the use of its screen. RELATED: The BMW i Remote for the i3 and i8 is Coming to Apple Watch ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide