One of the rarest Trans Ams around.

While the heyday of Pontiac has long since passed, there's still a massive following and love for the iconic marque. And that massive following should be pretty excited when they hear one of the rarest Pontiac Trans Ams ever built will be crossing the auction block in Denver later this month.

According to Mecum, a pristine 1969 Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air IV will be heading to the auction block. What makes this 1969 Trans Am so special, though, is that it was only one of nine examples total built to this specification— and only two of those nine cars were built with automatic, column shifted transmissions. This optioning and rarity really makes this Trans Am one of a kind. Or rather, one of eight, which is still a ridiculously small portion. Especially considering Pontiac sold over 80,000 Trans Ams Firebirds in 1969 alone.

This car though is all original. It has the original engine, original interior, original everything, really. It’s had a recent restoration in 2010 by Level One Restorations meaning this car is almost perfect. But let’s get down to price. According to Hagerty, these cars have been steadily trending upwards over the last 5 - 6 years. As of today, being a condition 1 car, it could go anywhere from $165,000 - $200,000.

In the world of collector cars, that is an absolute steal. As mentioned above, this amazing example of a 1969 Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air IV is set to headline the Mecum Denver Auction in just a few short weeks starting on June 26th. It might be time to start breaking open the piggy bank because this car will never be this relatively cheap again.

Source: Mecum


Photos: John Hollansworth Jr. / Mecum

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