This Street Legal IndyCar is Very Real, Very Quick

If you watched last weekend’s Indy 500, one idea might have struck you: “wouldn’t it be cool to drive a street legal IndyCar?” If that idea did arise, that answer would be a resounding “yes, very!” But you won’t be the only one with such a car.  Meet graphics man and master painter Dean Loucks. In 2007, Loucks purchased this IndyCar chassis – Eddie Cheever’s backup car from the 2000 season – which had already been configured to road-going form. It needed some work and after 1,000 hours spent on the operating table at Loucks’ firm, The Art of Design, it was ready to wow. Take a look. RELATED: Check Out This Wild 1968 Turbine-Powered Lotus IndyCar
RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the 2015 Lotus F1 Race Car It’s an eye-catcher for sure, covered head to toe in a bespoke paint scheme and sporting a rather intimidating slogan at the top, “at 200 mph you have no friends.” According to Barcroft Cars, the Loucks’ IndyCar now features a custom front splitter, key-start ignition, and draws power from a small block Chevrolet engine. That V8 kick can rocket the road-going race car up to a top speed of around 120 mph, aided by the fact that the whole car weighs only 1,200 pounds. Like it? Interestingly, Loucks put a price on his IndyCar – in the region of $150,000. Nevertheless, he doesn’t seem in any hurry to sell, noting that he’s turned down offers of up to $80,000 for the street demon. RELATED: The Ferrari 330 P4 Is One of the Most Beautiful Race Cars Ever Built ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original article on BoldRide