Watch a Lamborghini Gallardo Cop Car Do Some Sweet Donuts

The duty of a police officer is to help maintain public order. But everybody needs a little bit of wild behavior every now and then. Even the cops. Clearly, the driver of this toyish Lamborghini Gallardo understands that. Now that the Huracan replaced the Gallardo as the head honcho in the fleet, the older model has a little spare time on its hands. The Gallardo has 560 horsepower and sprints on all four wheels, so it has absolutely no problem doing donuts and creating quite the smokey commotion. PHOTOS: This 2015 Lamborghini Huracan Police Car Has a Delicious White and Blue Livery
The shenanigans take place near a track, and if you watch at the end, you can even see the wonderful Ferrari F12 dancing around the curves. So that leads us to think the car showed up for a little eye candy at an event and maybe stuck around for some extra fun. Either way, it's enjoyable to watch. Take a look above. RELATED: Cop Morphs Into Fanboy After Spotting 2015 Mustang Doing Burnout ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide