First Video of the New Batmobile in Action in 'Suicide Squad'

The Batmobile is one of those rare movie cars that, no matter what the incarnation, everyone wants to drive. It doesn’t matter if it’s the original George Barris Cadillac, or Christopher Nolan’s Tumbler. Everyone loves Batman's ride. Now, there’s about to be a new Batman introduced in Zack Snyder’s Superman vs. Batman:Dawn of Justice movie. But even before that movie comes out, studios are hard at work on a second film featuring the caped crusader called Suicide Squad. RELATED: See Photos of the Joker's Supercar in 'Suicide Squad' As it appears, the new Batmobile definitely takes cues from Nolan’s Tumbler with a very militaristic exterior. It looks like a much sleeker, much more maneuverable vehicle, and less like a tank or battering ram. Let’s just say, the Joker is not going to be laughing all that much if this new crime fighting car has its way with him. We’re eager to see how these two movies keep the legacy of the Batmobile alive. Now all we have to do is just wait until next year when these movies finally debut.
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