Watching This Truck Walk the Plank Onto a Boat Will Give You Ulcers

You might bite your nails. You might involuntarily start to shake. Your fists and teeth might start to clench up. You might kink your neck and look away. Or you might do all five while watching this video. It's that uncomfortable. There are honestly so many questions that stem from this video of a truck trying to cross two planks of wood onto a ship. Is there another part of the dock we're not seeing? How else could this truck get perpendicular like that? Is this the normal way of doing things here or did they just forget the ramp? They really couldn't find more pieces of wood? Was the truck really that important? Have those pieces of wood been working out? What kind of wood is that? Are the screams coming from children inside the truck? Is this an amusement ride? I might lose 12 days of sleep wondering about this. RELATED: This Earthroamer XV-LT Would Just Ford Through the Water
For those who don't want to endure the excruciating wait to find out what happens, you can rest happy knowing the truck did indeed make it onto the boat. To all the twisted people out there who wanted to see the truck go down, sorry, no dice. Come back next week when the same people try an 18-wheeler. RELATED: How Not to Load a Motorcycle onto a Boat ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide