Rumor has it

The latest BMW rumor has the M4 GTS being added to the lineup for customers in the United States. This is just a rumor for the moment with nothing confirmed, but there are some pretty good signs that it's really going to happen.

It all comes courtesy of a member of the Bimmerpost forums who is reportedly an employee at a Las Vegas BMW dealership. He found something interesting on the BMW dealer ordering system. If the screenshot he captured is to be believed, then the M4 GTS is official enough to be showing up in their system in anticipation of it being actually available in the United States. RELATED: See More of the 2011 BMW M3 GTS

The US Might Be Getting a BMW M4 GTS

According to reports, the car would begin production in March of 2016. It would be out in time to mark BMW's 100th anniversary. The expectation is that it will be built with the twin turbo flat six that's in the current M4, but with 470 horsepower. The M4 GTS is set to premiere at Pebble Beach this August, so those who like what they see might be able to place orders and have the car in their driveway next year.