Watch David Letterman Make People Uncomfortable Working the Taco Bell Drive-Through

Guys, we just discovered this new comedian, and he's hilarious. His name is — get this — David Letterman. Sounds like he should be working in the post office or something, am I right? Alright, that's enough free comedy from me, I'll leave that for the rest for my 19 loyal followers on Twitter. As you probably heard, Mr. Letterman just performed his final late-night show this week, and Stephen Colbert will be replacing him on CBS. Since then, we've been watching clips of his old skits, and this gem was one of our favorites. RELATED: Watch Jay Leno Drive the Best Lotus Ever
Letterman took over the position of an employee at a Taco Bell drive-through to take customers orders. And, naturally, he was less than cordial. He basically refuses to take some orders, tells others that they're out of every product on the menu, and tells one person that he cut off some of his toes in a recent lawn maintenance accident. So what does he do when somebody confronts him about being rude? Explains that his parents were rude, so that's why he's rude, duh. Get over yourself, lady. Check out the full clip above. The days of this form of humor have ended. PHOTOS: What’s Inside Jay Leno’s Garage? ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide