A Drone Rescued Four People During a Texas Flood

There’s an ongoing argument regarding drones and their usage in civilian life. Both sides support valid points, however it’s hard to imagine any drone detractor would find fault with this intrepid quadcopter, hailing from Fort Worth, Texas.  During recent flash flooding in the region, Garret Bryl, a drone pilot who has been volunteering with the Joshua Fire Department, used his DJI Inspire One quadcopter to aid in the rescue of four people trapped in flood waters last weekend. In the first incident, Bryl used his drone to locate a pickup truck that had been washed off the road, and in the second, the copter helped carry a rope to two residents left stranded in their home. Take a look at his footage below to see how he guides the rescue crews with his spotlight. RELATED: This Weird Boat was Used to Help Save Russian Astronauts in the '60s
RELATED: This 2015 Jeep Wrangler 'Red Rock Responder' was Built to Save Lives “The water was pushing it under, it was bad and pretty scary,” noted Bryl of the first rescue in an interview with Motherboard. “The fire department had been looking for the truck for about a half hour or so and couldn’t find it. The fire chief asked if I could put up the drone, and I found them in 25 seconds. It was fast.” The drone made the heroic find in part thanks to a spotlight that Bryl had fitted, which reflected off the sinking pickup truck’s taillights. During the second rescue, the line it extended was used to send life preservers to the stranded couple, keeping them safe until a National Guard helicopter could extract them. Both instances show the flexibility of the drone platform in search and rescue operations, and though controversial, this eye in the sky proved to be a true lifesaver. RELATED: Check Out This Amazing Bird Drone You Can Pilot with an iPhone ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide