New Bill To Allow Self-Serve Gas in New Jersey Already Dead in the Water

If you've ever driven through New Jersey and didn't know the rules of the land, you probably were met with quite a surprise when you tried to fill up your gas tank. Some guy probably came rushing out just as you were finishing putting in the zip code for the card you just swiped. And, no, he wasn't trying to steal your card, he was just doing his job. You see, Oregon and N.J. are the only two states in the country that require, by law, another person pump your gas for you. It's weird. It's been this way since 1949, when the state passed a Retail Gasoline Dispensing Safety Act. Despite numerous attempts to overturn the law throughout the years, self-service gas pumps are still not allowed to this day. And if you try and shoo them away like me, you're going to get dirty looks. RELATED: Why Gas Pumps Spread Disease More than Anything Else But, as the cycle goes, there is once again legislation trying to flip the law, thanks in part to new mindsets from station owners. “Our position is different than it was 30 years ago,” Sal Risalvato, executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline C-Store Automotive Association, told However, the new plans could already be worthless, as State Senate President Stephen Sweeney is fully opposed to self-serve. “I continue to support the full service requirement for New Jersey’s gas stations and I will oppose any attempt to rescind the law that has effectively served the best interests of the state’s motorists for decades,” he said, according to “As long as I am Senate President, the ban on self-serve will stay in place.” People against self-serve pumps argue that not only do attendants make things more convenient, they also provide a needed service for the disabled, and eliminate reckless drivers who might be talking on the phone or smoking while filling up. Until Sweeney is out of office in 2017, it doesn't sound like this is going to happen. RELATED: GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal Photo Credit: Time ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide