G-Power's New BMW M6 Project is Stupid Fast

A hurricane is defined in Webster’s as, “a storm with violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone.” That means when this name is applied to a car, it had better have some violent tendencies. Luckily, the guys over at G-Power read up on hurricanes before they dubbed their latest created the G6M V10 Hurricane CS. What the car actually is, is a BMW V10 M6 that produces a staggering 986 horsepower (1,001 ps), and that’s no easy task with this engine. According to G-Power, the M6’s engine had to be completely ripped out and fully built to handle that much power. What helps the horsepower figures along are a pair of G-Power SK III superchargers that are built in house. RELATED: See More of the 986-Horsepower G-Power BMW M6   All that horsepower then is good for a sprint to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, 125 mph in just 9 seconds flat, and can reach 187mph in only 21.5 seconds. And the car will keep accelerating supposedly up to 233 mph. According to the company, the “central idea is the uncompromising implementation of projects without the restrictions, such as those found in the course of a conventional vehicle finishing.” And you’ll be going that fast in all the same luxury that was afforded in the original car. That said, G-Power has done a few thing to the interior that give it more of a 'boy racer' appeal, but none really take away from the classy interior that the BMW already has thankfully. So what do you all think of this amazingly powerful BMW V10 M6? Too much, or too little? RELATED: G-Power's All Black BMW M4 is the Definition of Sinister   RELATED: Join the Dark Side With This BMW M6 Storm Trooper ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide