Watch a Case of Road Rage Turn Into a Fist Fight

It's best to stay calm when you're driving a car or motorcycle, but there are times when other drivers can make you angry. This usually means you end up screaming a few choice words at your windshield, but that's all. That's where it ends. That wasn't the case with these two. Tempers got out of control in this Texas road rage moment and it was all caught on video. The incident was captured by another motorist who was behind the two brawling drivers. They stopped right in the middle of the road and started throwing punches at each other, causing a bit of a holdup for anyone trying to move along. RELATED: Watch a Road Rager Threaten a Family With a Chainsaw The whole incident lasts for just a minute before both drivers call it off and head back to their respective vehicles. Unfortunately, you can't tell what sparked the brawl, but whatever went down, these guys are really ticked off. It all looks ridiculous, which is probably why they just gave up and drove away. It's one thing to get angry about something that happens on the road, but getting out of your car and swinging punches in the middle of traffic isn't too bright. RELATED: Watch Two Russian Drivers Have a Road Rage Battle
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