Google Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road This Summer

The self-driving car has come a long way in just a short few years, and like many maturing youngsters itching for their license, Google’s self-driving car will undergo its road test during summer 2015.  Google has revealed that its self-driving prototypes will depart its designated test track in the coming months and accompany conventional vehicles on the roads of Mountain View, California, albeit with safety test drivers onboard. According to Google, the safety drivers have access to a removable steering wheel, as well as accelerator and brake pedals in case there is an emergency, though those features won’t make the cut for Google’s fully autonomous final product. RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the Google Self-Driving Car Prototype
RELATED: Watch Jimmy Fallon Give His Pros and Cons for Self-Driving Cars Despite the prototype’s upcoming real-world debut, Google has gleaned significant data and experience from its fleet of Lexus RX450h self-driving SUVs, which have logged a claimed one million autonomous test miles on roadways. Until now, the Google Car prototype fleet has been restricted to driving at the program’s test facility and on closed roads. If you do frequent Mountain View this summer and happen to catch a glimpse of a Google Car, don’t expect it to blow by in the passing lane. Google has capped its test vehicles at a “neighborhood-friendly” 25 mph top speed. RELATED: Meet the Self-Driving Big Rig of the Future ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide