This Jet-Powered Go-Kart is the Baddest Thing on the Block

Jet engines go on planes. Go-kart engines go in…well… go-karts. But not today, no this is something very special, if a bit overkill.  Meet Colin Furze. He’s all things plumber, stuntman, and inventor, and his latest project involved taking a massive home-built jet engine and grafting it atop an old go-kart chassis. It’s loud, it belches quite a lot of fire, and it blasts a wide-eyed Furze up to a zippy 61 mph. Not what you’d call your average backyard go-kart build. Take a look. RELATED: Check Out This Amazing Go-Kart Hauling Studebaker Custom
RELATED: This Wooden Go-Kart Assembles in Hours and Hits 25MPH Furze’s kart has been stretched, obviously, to accept the heady tailpipes on the back, and draws a diesel mixture from two gas tanks and a repurposed fire extinguisher, all given a swift breeze thanks to a leaf blower. It’s far from the fastest jet engine, though with a bit of tuning it may be the fastest jet on kart wheels. Needless to say, it isn’t advisable to go out and build your own. Furze has been a professional plumber for years as well as a presenter on the UK’s Gadget Geeks. However, if you are thinking of building a motorized coffee table… have at it! RELATED: Ever Wanted to Own a Jet-Powered Salt Flat Racer? Now You Can! ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide