If you didn't have a reason to take your kids down to the London Motor Show, Pixar, the creator of Cars movie have provided you one by announcing the “Disney/Pixar World of Cars” will debut full-size replicas of the stars of the hit 2006 movie.

The star will undoubtedly be Piston Cup race car Lightning McQueen who has been cutom built with the chassis of a 1978 Trans am and a fibreglass body. Accompanying the star will be Sally based a cutomised version of the 2002 Porsche 911, rusty old Mater based on a Chevy dually pickup chassis and finally Mack based on a 1985 Mack Super-Liner.

Alongside the cars there will be plenty of activities to keep the young curious minds busy including gaming pods and face painting.

Life-Size Lightning McQueen to be Displayed at London Motor Show